Build a Fractional Investment Portfolio

“Brick by Brick”

At Realbricks, we offer fractional real estate investments through our online platform where you can start with a $100 minimum investment. Fractional real estate provides an opportunity for multiple investors to access membership interests in residential real estate. Our platform will eventually facilitate access to different real estate segments, offering even more opportunities for investors.

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Let's democratize real estate together! Join our movement at Realbricks and make property ownership accessible to everyone through SEC-regulated crowdfunding.

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Access to a variety of real estate investments

Realbricks Investment Marketplace

Realbricks intends on making real estate investment more accessible to individual investors. While at first the Realbricks marketplace intends on bringing access to long-term rental properties, Realbricks plans on adding even more choices to its marketplace, including interests in vacation rentals and multi-family units.

Here’s how it works

Start investing for as little as $100

Start investing for as little as $100: All of our properties will first be accessible to our investors via initial offerings pursuant to Regulation A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, the majority of which will have $100 investment minimums.

Benefits of fractional ownership

Realbricks offers the chance to earn passive income without the hassles of traditional property management via fractional ownership interests. Possible distributions are subject to conditions outlined in our offering circular, highlighting the potential, but not assured, nature of these earnings.

Potentially sell your fractional interests

Realbricks seeks to bring liquidity to real estate assets. You can potentially sell your fractional interests on our peer-to-peer market coming soon.

Grow Your Investment Portfolio

Diversify your investment strategy with fractional ownership interests. Over time, Realbricks intends on bringing new investment offerings to the marketplace.

What is fractionalized real estate?

What is fractionalized real estate?

Fractionalized real estate is a business model that alleviates the need for significant upfront capital by splitting the cost of the property among multiple investors. With ownership of fractionalized real estate interests, you technically have an ownership interest in the asset.

With Realbricks, as an owner, you will have the potential to earn proportional profit distributions based on performance of the rental properties. The proposed profit distributions remain fully at the discretion of Realbricks, and are subject to the terms outlined in our offering circular under the risk factors and plan of distribution sections.

Quick and Easy Account Setup

Signing up with Realbricks only takes a few minutes. We offer straightforward KYC/AML processes and can automatically connect your Realbricks account to a network of approximately 5,000 financial institutions, so there’s no complicated paperwork required to fund your account and start investing.

It’s simple.Like really simple.

Tell us about yourself

We’ll get you set up with an SEC and FINRA compliant investment account on the secure Realbricks platform so you know your money is safe and sound.


Get ready to buy fractional interests

We work with Plaid to connect your bank account for easy and secure deposits and withdrawals. Once you add funds, you’re ready to invest.


Grow Your Investments

As we intend on adding investment opportunities, you have the chance to build your investments through our platform over time.

We’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing for all.

We believe real estate investing should work for everyone.

While you have the freedom to manage your investments as you wish, it's important to understand that income distributions are not guaranteed and are made at the discretion of Realbricks, in accordance with our offering circular's risk factors and distribution plans.

We’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing for all.