Invest in Real Estate Like Never Before

Gone are the days of traditional real estate investing. Select a property, buy shares with as little as $10, and grow your portfolio — one brick at a time. Check out Coming Soon properties by signing up below:

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Invest in Real Estate Like Never Before

Investing in real estate doesn’t have to be hard or expensive

Invest in vacation rentals like Airbnbs, long-term rentals, and multifamily properties without ever having to talk to a realtor.

Here’s how it works


Start investing for as little as $10

Start investing for as little as $10: All of our properties will first be accessible to our investors via initial offerings, the majority of which will have $10 investment minimums.


Get paid without being a landlord

You earn passive income without ever having to lift a finger. We’ll send you quarterly dividend payments for any property you own based on its rental income.


Sell your shares whenever you want

Realbricks brings liquidity to real estate assets like never before. Just like the stock market, you can sell your shares on our peer-to-peer secondary market whenever you want.


Change the way you invest

Diversify your investment strategy like never before. Anchor your portfolio with the wealth-preserving stability of hard real estate assets like vacation, single family, and multifamily rentals.

What is fractionalized real estate?

What is fractionalized real estate?

Fractionalized real estate alleviates the need for significant upfront capital to make an investment in real estate by splitting the cost of the property up amongst many investors. Buying fractionalized shares of a real estate asset gives you a stake in the property and makes you a part-owner.

With Realbricks, you can leave the property management duties to us and earn passive income through quarterly dividends. It's never been easier to be a property owner.

It’s simple.
Like really simple.

Signing up with Realbricks is simple and only takes a few minutes. We can automatically connect with more than 5,000 banks, so there’s no complicated paperwork required to fund your account and start investing.

It’s simple.Like really simple.

Tell us about yourself

We’ll get you set up with an SEC and FINRA compliant investment account so you know your money is safe and sound.


Get ready to buy shares

We work with Plaid to connect your bank account for easy and secure deposits and withdrawals. Once you add funds, you’re ready to invest.


Grow your portfolio

Continue to invest over time and watch your wealth grow with unprecedented access to real estate assets.

We’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing for all.

We believe that real estate investing should be built to work for everyone. That’s why we created a product that lets you buy and sell real estate, on your own terms, whenever you want.

We’re on a mission to democratize real estate investing for all.